Review: 2.8% daily for 56 days

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Started: 2019-03-22


Earn on investments or take instant loans against cryptocurrency for any period with Megapawnshop. If you have financial assets and the desire to receive additional income, simply create a deposit on our platform. We’ll use your funds to provide services and pay you dividends at the expense of loans paid back by our clients. If you urgently need money, then right now you can get a loan. We pay up to 70% of the dollar equivalent of the Bitcoin market value and offer the opportunity to buy out your capital at a time convenient for you.

Investment Plans:

(1) spend 10 dollars, earn 110% after 2 weeks

(2) spend 10 dollars, earn 2.8% daily for 56 days and principal included

Referral Commissions: 10%-4%-1%

Payment Options: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash

Withdrawal Type: Instant



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