Review: 0.52%-0.79% daily for a year

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Started: 2019-01-15


The history of our company is the history of a long and difficult, but very interesting journey, on which everything was: the ups and downs, the mistakes that we learned from. We worked hard, studied, studied new markets and new directions.

There was a lot of things, one thing always remained the same for us – the desire to achieve the highest result, while obtaining a huge profit. When the time came, we realized that we were ready to create a unique platforms, the main idea of which is to make sure that every person, regardless of his status and place of residence, can invest and receive a stable income.

Our team’s strategy is robotic trading in the Forex market, trading in the cryptocurrency market and investing in startups.

In order to reduce risks and automate the work on exchanges, we have developed our own robots. Special programs, as well as our extensive experience, enable us to diversify risks in order to receive for themselves and investors profit. The mission of our company is to create a large pool of investors from around the world and like-minded people, with whom we will go to success and financial well-being.

My deposit: $250

Investment Plans: 0.52%-0.79% daily for 365 days and principal included

Referral Commissions: 4%-2%-1%

Payment Options: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, AdvCash, BankCard, NixMoney, YandexMoney and Ethereum.

Withdrawal Type: Manually with minimum $10



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