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FosterBit is a team of experienced and self-confident specialists who know how to earn income on the cryptocurrency market.

You probably know that the ASIC miner market is dominated by monopolists, but their era is coming to an end. Many companies pay attention to the manufacture of special-purpose integrated circuits and will soon compete with such large companies as Bitmain. Our company did not remain aloof from this process and launched its production line for Asiki new model, allowing for the extraction of more efficiently. Industrial sale of our development is one of the main income items of the company.

  • At one time, we turned our attention to the mining of cryptocurrencies, because we have everything in our hands in order to conduct successful mining on our own equipment. This direction does not cease to be profitable, especially if you have a competent approach to business. By organizing mining farms in a region with a low cost of electricity and equipping them with ASIC miners of our own design, we get an increased income from mining the most popular coins.

  • In parallel with this, FosterBit traders are actively trading on large cryptocurrency exchanges, carrying out competent financial management of our investors. Own trading strategies, use of insiders and high-quality diversification of the cryptocurrency portfolio, allow the company to receive a stable income.

  • Due to the fact that FosterBit conducts business in promising and highly profitable areas of earnings, we can confidently guarantee profits to project participants. Currently, we intend to expand our activities, and the funds raised will allow FosterBit to reach a new level and become a strong competitor even for large and well-known companies of the cryptocurrency industry.

Start Date: 2018-11-03

Investment Plans:

(1) Minimum $10, get 3.3% each business day for 48 working days and principal included

(2) Minimum $50000, get 4.1% each business day for 48 working days and principal included

(3) Minimum $50, get 1200% after 70 days

(4) Minimum $5000, get 857% after 25 days

Payment Options: PerfectMoney,Payeer,Bitcoin,AdvCash,Litecoin,Ethereum

Withdrawal Typle: Instantly

Referral Commissions: 10%


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